Hi, I'm Heather!

Back in 2017 I was working on building my career in Marketing and although I enjoyed what I was doing, I always felt like something was missing. In my search to find a more creative outlet I found a metalsmithing class at our local college. I immediately fell in love with how I could take raw metal and turn it into something beautiful, and wearable! It brought me so much joy to make jewelry for my friends (and myself) and that’s when Hello Malo was born.  The name Malo means so much to me, it’s my maiden name and I love that this business allows me to still carry that name with me. 

Hello Malo is still a one woman show that I went full time with in 2022 - thanks to you! I solder every ring, stamp every design, cut every chain, file, polish and clean every piece of jewelry before packaging it up to go to you!

Handmade, for you.

We use high quality raw materials and I design things in a way that each peice is buildable with each other.

As I pack up each order I love thinking about who and where each piece will be worn.  My goal is for you to enjoy wearing your jewelry as much as I enjoy making it for you!